This is Kyoto private guide, Shihoko Hriooka's site.
Let`s enjoy guided tour in Japan with me!

If you are looking for your own guide in Kyoto and Nara area I recommend you Ms.Shihoko HIROOKA.
I am Johnnie Hillwalker, a long standing tour guide, after working 34 years for a travel agent,
now I operate myself world famous "Walk in Kyoto Talk in English Tour" for 16 years.


Shihoko HIROOKA is my amiable wife.

She also worked for JTB as a licensed tour guide over 30 years, covering all over Japan and sometimes overseas.

She retired from the agent ahead of her time, because she wanted to offer guiding service different way from profit-looking and uniform standard style tours of most agents are prone to.

She says "I like everybody visiting
Kyoto has a good impression and underst,and
in all aspects. And find out that Japan is a wonderful
country and the people here are really nice. I like to
offer guiding service at the price most people
can find it reasonable enough."